5 things I’m thinking right now

Inspired by Alice’s post, just some thoughts swirling around my brain box. 

1. Social network games don’t take advantage of the medium at all. Well, obviously they’ve taken advantage of the userbase and that friends share situations. But, y’know, there’s not much out there that uses the reasons social networks exist, sharing what you’re /doing/, in a meaningful way: using the photos and text to create meaningful, playful interactions between friends. Send dares through the networks, challenges that can be scored on (“wear three hats”, “do a handstand in front of the Eiffel Tower”). Public and private challenges. Make a game out of the things people do on social networks. I’d make it if I knew where to start.

2. Digital cameras should come with achievements. Most camera manufacturers, quite rightly, focus (pun!) on making camera easier to use for the public. But cameras are about getting people out in public spaces, visiting important sights, recording amazing things. Come. On. They could teach people the basics of photography, or otherwise reward people for being somewhere amazing. Tying it in to Flickr would make me happier than Charles, here. Charles. Hes never had a bad day in his life.

He’s never had a bad day in his life.

3. That more people know me as “Buck” than my given name.

4. DLC has been poisoned:at an event a few months ago, a blogger asked a developer if his future game would gave DLC. I don’t begrudge his question, but the assumption was that it would and that the company had already planned it. It used to be that post-release game content was a treat, an exciting and freeing way for the developers to explore what their game could do and reward their users with the content. For free. Now it’s a marketing tool (not got anything to say? Announce DLC before the game’s out: “2K Games Makes Another Hit with Mafia® II Downloadable Content”), and a weapon in the war between publishers and retail.

5. Minecraft! It’s like the action/adventure Dwarf Fortress. Every Friday the developer releases a new version, and doesn’t tell the players what he’s done to the game. He’s sold nearly 35,000 copies at 9.99 euros a pop. At quiet moments of the day, when I’m not at my PC, my mind drifts to the underwater glass dome I’ve been building. 

posted 4 years ago